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The Professional and Certified Car Specialist Service for Your Auto Needs!

How I got started to become a car enthusiast! I started by washing my father’s van and my bigger brother’s car when I was a teen on the weekends for $5.00 each! The neighbors started to watch me washing on the weekend., My neighbours were asking me how much I will wash and vacuum their vehicle for?

I started to charge my neighbors $10.00 to wash and vacuum their vehicles! My passion started to get strong cleaning vehicles.

I ask my cousin that had a mechanic shop if I can wash and vacuum the customer vehicle after he gets done fixing the vehicles? He said yes! I started to work there on the weekend and on summer break! To witness how I truly love to restore customers’ vehicles and give it a nice finish that will make the vehicle “Like New” again!

I enjoy protecting the vehicles and hearing customers say it looks better than when I bought the vehicle! That drove me to open Auto Pro Detailing in 2005 serving the Brevard County area!

I enjoyed learning new ways to protect customer vehicles. I enrolled in the International Detail Association University, received my “Certified Detailer” certificate in 2016!

In 2017 I graduated with my “Skill Viladed” certificate! My education continues to have the understanding about individual make and models vehicles! I look forward to protecting your investment!

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