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The Perfect Shine Starts with Ceramic Coatings

Since the founding of the automobile, car owners and enthusiasts have sought a means for protecting a vehicle from environmental wear and tear that inevitably breaks down the brilliance of your vehicle’s shine. Waxes and sealants have done a respectable job over the years but with a longevity of only weeks and months, more was needed until automotive ceramic coatings delivered the kind of semi-permanent protection for which car owners have been waiting. All ceramic coatings have hydrophobic characteristics that repel dirt and water, causing it to bead-up on the surface to be whisked away without leaving streaks and water spots. They all seal in the shine so there is less need for washing and no need at all for waxing and polishing. The coating leaves a squeaky
clean, crystal clear high gloss surface that is easy to maintain. Some coating applications boast to be hard enough when double-stacked or applied on top of a base product, to last up to nine years. Others are known to repel small dings and scratches caused by rock chips and debris. Today, there are many options available in ceramic coatings in terms of price, longevity, and durability, but it is imperative you use only an authorized and/or certified brand installer like Auto Pro Detailing for whatever coating product you choose. Jimmy Edouard can explain the difference between a permanent 7 to 9-year coating, versus high quality
semi-permanent coatings that are more moderately priced, with the same durability, but with less longevity – usually lasting from 18 months to 5 years.
There are also some effective spray-on coatings that are moderately priced and will last 9 months to a year, with ongoing maintenance. Many of them are much easier to apply than the permanent and semi-permanent coatings.

How do Ceramic Coatings work?
Developed from nanoparticle technology born out of the aerospace and aviation industries, ceramic coatings chemically bond to the invisible clear coat applied on top of your car paint. The two cannot be separated once applied, therefore they cannot be washed off, wiped off or worn off. Because you do not want any flaws in the paint to show through the coating, including scratches, holograms, oxidation, or uneven paint that can cause distortions, most detailers will not apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle until you have had a complete exterior detail with clay bar to remove all signs of contaminants. In some cases, especially on older vehicles, a 1- or 2-stage paint correction and polish may also be necessary to remove conditions that cause imperfections in the paint. Click here to read more about Paint Correction. Once the coating is applied, everything underneath it is sealed and cannot be removed except through anabrasive sanding process, making it important the car or truck’s surface be prepared properly, and all paint flaws and scratches removed before application. Auto Pro Detailing carries several ceramic coating products including Xpel Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating. For more information about our ceramic coating lines, contact Jimmy Edouard at Auto Pro Detailing.

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