Can You See Clearly at Night and in Rain and Fog?

As car designers got more creative in their designing of automobiles, especially sports cars, the lack of pliability in glass used to design headlights became problematic.

To fix the problem, they unknowingly created a new problem for car owners and a new solution for detailers!

The flexible lightweight polycarbonate plastic used to mold headlights more easily into different shapes and designs is vulnerable to heat both from the inside, caused by the bulb, and from the outside caused by sunlight.

After only a couple of years, the plastic dries out and essentially oxidizes in the same way your car paint oxidizes under constant UV rays.

The heat causes tiny micro-cracks to form in the plastic that obscure their clarity. They often cause a yellowish or hazy discoloration that is not only an eyesore, but it dulls the brilliance of the headlight beam. This of course is a safety hazard due to decreased illumination.

Auto Pro Detailing is certified in the repair of damaged headlights.

Using a professional-grade headlight lens restoration system, Jimmy Edouard can remove fine scratches and cracks and polish the polycarbonate back into clarity. The process will increase your headlight brightness by three to four times their damaged state, and, it usually takes less than an hour, improving visibility by 140 percent without the cost of replacement!

Jimmy will then follow the process with IGL’s Ecocoat Headlight UV absorber and gloss enhancer, a ceramic coating made to protect polycarbonate headlights from fading and cracking.

In fact, by applying Ecocoat Headlight to new car headlights, it will go a long way towards preventing their natural deterioration.

Contact Jimmy Edouard at Auto Pro Detailing to make an appointment to ensure you are driving with maximum visibility and illumination, whether it is a foggy winter evening or a cloudy, rainy day.

We do not settle for anything other than perfection.

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