Interior Detailing Preserves Your Interiors for Years to Come!

As professionals in the art and science of cleanliness, Auto Pro Detailing has always stressed the importance of clean car and truck interiors.

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, scientific studies show where the average car has over 700 different types of bacteria living on your car interiors, including seats, carpets, dashboard, console, steering wheel, control buttons and door handles and panels.

It may be shocking to hear this is more germs than the average public restroom!


Because most public restrooms are cleaned at least once a day, but your car interiors suffer from days of dirt and grime build-up caused from body sweat, hand oils, pet hair and dander, kid grime, debris from your shoes, moisture from raincoats and umbrellas, and from things you bring into your vehicle from the outside like purses, luggage, grocery bags, gym bags and sports equipment.

Add to that spills, dropped food and all types of accidents and your vehicle can quickly become a health hazard!

Beyond Clean – Sanitized!

Auto Pro Detailing’s Interior Detailing options are designed to keep your interior surfaces not just clean but sanitized so you are driving a “like new” vehicle all the time, even after several years. Clean, debris-free carpets; rich, shiny hard plastic surfaces like your dashboard and console; scuff-free inside door panels; and germ-free touch points like your radio buttons, gear shift, door handles and steering wheel.

Whether you are a lone driver whose café latte occasionally sloshes over the side of the cup into the cupholder, or a carpool mom with sweaty little ballerinas and muddy Little Leaguers, life inside your vehicle can be a mess!

High Quality Professional-Grade Products

Auto Pro Detailers starts by bringing your vehicle’s interiors up to the highest level of clean possible using high quality professional grade products, equipment, and techniques not found over the counter or at the automated car wash.

We use powerful suction to extract dirt and grime from your carpets, floor mats, and fabrics, including leather. We get in between and underneath the seats where French fries go to hide; and we use Q-tip technology to dig down into your upholstery seams, cup holders, door and seat pockets, and crevices to remove crumbs, lint, and grit.

We wipe down all your hard-plastic surfaces and remove those ugly scuff marks from the inside door panels.

Breathe Clean, Pure Air

We even clean in areas where you may not know dirt, germs and allergens are hiding. For instance, if you have been sneezing, experiencing headaches or itchy eyes while in your vehicle, chances are pollen and other allergens are blowing in through your HVAC system!

The HVAC vents lie just underneath your windshield on the outside. If you park outdoors and those vents get clogged by pine straw, leaves, twigs, pinecones, and burrs, this creates a nesting area for dirt, dust, and all types of allergy-causing contaminants that blow directly into your cabin. Auto Pro Detailing cleans that area around your windshield and steam cleans your vents to remove these contaminates. Finally, Auto Pro Detailing cleans all your glass and mirrors, so they are streak-free and sparkling.

We offer premium services for serious dirt, grime, and stains.

Accidents happen, especially if you often travel with pets or have children.

If Auto Pro Detailing’s basic express services aren’t enough, we can bring in the Scour Power – that is a menu of premium services for cleaning up serious stains, removing disgusting odors, and sanitizing the affected areas so they are clean and fresh as new!

Check out our Premium services such as European Steam, Stain Removal, and Odor Removal. We have services to help manage pet and kid grime, serious odor-causing bacterial stains caused by urine and vomit, and to remove chemical spills or hazardous materials; mold and mildew; and bug infestation.

And finally, check out our selection of interior surface coatings that offer long-term protection for your plastic, leather, fabric, carpets, and glass.

We do not settle for anything other than perfection.

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